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A minute staging of your scenario


Layout is our core business, shared with all our Houses. In our workshops, our teams execute the scenarios imagined by architects and designers. They apply their know-how to all materials: wood, veneer, metal, glass, resin, lacquer. Our trademark? Each project created in our workshops is unique. We direct more than 400 different projects a year. We share a desire to push our limits; we constantly challenge our skills in the most varied environments in terms of regulations, deadlines and materials.

“Every year, we seek new challenges in order to find new ideas.”

Whatever the size of the project, we feed ourselves with each scenario, with equal commitment to quality. We control internally every link of the manufacturing process. Indeed, we make a trial assembly of your project, we test it in our workshops first, then it’s the final unravelling on site.

Give free reign to your imagination:
we take care of the rest!
challenge us !